July 18th, 2018  Dutch & I will be retiring sometime later this year. We have enjoyed our 17th year of running our traveling business. We have sold out of all of our products except our Dodge Cummins Oil Pan plugs. We will continue to sell them but will be shutting down our website by August 3rd.  I have enjoyed this owning this business and we will miss attending various rallies as vendors.  We don't know what the future has in store for us but hopefully it will be back to exploring this big beautiful country of ours. We hope to meet up with some of you "somewhere down the road". 
June15th, 2017 We have finished with our surgeries and feel well enough to travel again!!! With Dutch's ankle replacement he is starting to be able to walk again and be active. Hopefully the 3rd time's a charm on my Pacemaker re-pocket & burying the pacemaker wires under the muscle will eliminate my pain. It's been a tough 2+ years but we have prevailed.  
         We hope to meet fellow RV'ers as we meander down the road. 
On July 10th, 2015 Dutch was inducted into the NHRA {National Hot Rod Association} Legion of honor in York, PA.  What a lovely thing to have happen and a wonderful memory to have.
Dutch is an Air Force Veteran who served in the Korean war. When he got out, he went back into drag racing. I was working in banking when we met in 1972. I quit my job so I could "wrench" {be his mechanic} while Dutch drove and worked on our Vega Station wagon which he raced in Pro Stock. That lifestyle supported us as we raced all over the US & Canada. When they mandated fire suits for the drivers he got out of racing. We bought a house in Lancaster County, PA and started a fiberglass business together. After 17, years we sold that business to a young couple and moved to Venice, FL. We started a 2nd fiberglass business to work part time so we could still have time to golf but in 4 years, it grew beyond our expectations. We decided to try something new. We sold the business {to another young couple} and our house and bought a 1996 brand new Carriage Conestoga 5th wheel and a 1996 Dodge Ram 1 ton dually and headed out to explore. Neither of us had ever tented, camped or RV'd before.
We loved our new lifestyle and were happy to finally be retired. In 2001, Dutch was having problems with the head of the standard oil pan plug in our Dodge pickup truck shearing off. After much debate & his comment while visiting friends; "I could build a better plug; I told him to "put his money where his mouth was" & he decided to re-vamp the plug. That was my cue to start of our current business. We also offer 5th wheel & Travel Trailer RV Stabilizers that we make ourselves in America with materials purchased in America. Other products I have added to our line are items we bought to use ourselves. We had a lot of faith in these products and wanted to offer them to other RV and/or truck owners.  
We hope to continue to travel the country enjoying sightseeing, hiking, biking and playing golf. We are well into our 20th year of fulltime RV'ing. 
For Your RV: Stabilizer Systems-Big Foot Levelers- TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Dodge Cummins & Pickup Parts-TailGate EasyLifts-DEBO Slide Steps & Grab Bar
----We Are Currently Enjoying Indiana----- 
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