This system will notify you in the event of a nail puncture or other gradual pressure loss, sudden tire temperature increases, or in the event of a rapid deflation in the coach, toad, or trailer tires.

During the initial setup, you set each individual tire for the PSI setting you want.  When you calibrate the system, it remembers each individual PSI setting.  If you some reason, down the road, you wanted to change the PSI in a particular tire or all the tires in the truck or 5th wheel, you can do that too.
The TST tire pressure monitoring system works on 5th wheels,Travel Trailers, Horse & Utility Trailers, Boat trailers & Motorhomes. The TST tire pressure monitoring system can also monitor your pickup truck or your tow vehicle if you want full continuous protection on all vehicles. 
 It consumes minimal space, remains attractive, tasteful, and optimally functional.
Let the system monitor your tires and avoid the manual effort!!

Listed at the bottom of this page is a brief comparision between the 510 & 507 systems.
.We were very unhappy with the brand of tire pressure monitoring system we had previously &  were hesitant about trying another brand.  We decided to give the TPMS systems one more chance.  We loved  the TST on our 1st 190 mile trip with it. But the next day we were completely sold!!! We were traveling through downtown Vegas when I heard a beep! Sure enough the monitor was "telling" us the rear 5th wheel passenger side tire was going down. We stopped at a light and I got out thinking it would be another false alarm like on our other system but nope, it was spot on, the tire was going down.  We pulled into the next parking lot and found the 3 year old rubber valve stem leaking. Dutch put our spare on and we continued on our way.  We feel 100% sure that this system saved us from ruining a tire. We had the valve stem changed the next morning & we're back in business. The 2nd instance the brake caliper stuck and was causing so much heat the monitor went off.  While it did destroy the caliper, I feel the system saved our rotor, tire and possibly damage to our 5th wheel because of this alert.  
The monitor wasn't hard to set up and is very easy to read. We were also very pleased at how readable the screen was at night when the light automatically came on. You can keep it plugged it but but it comes with a lithium battery, for people like us who don't want to have wires hanging everywhere. It holds a charge for 30 hours.  It comes with a special tool to install and remove the sensors for a nice theft deterrent.  Best of all,in addition to on the dash, I put it in every out of the way cubbyhole I could find and it still monitored flawlessly. We are very happy we gave a  tire pressure monitoring system another chance. 
        The lit screen which comes on automatically at night is very easy to read.
This is a good quality, reasonably priced monitoring system. 
Each system comes with a Monitor, Sensors, Sensor Tools, & Power Cord. The 510 system also includes an extended antenna.
**BATTERY LIFE: 510 system 5 to 7 years. 507 repleacable battery system 9 months to 1 year**
We Offer The Original 510 Sealed Sensor System, The 507 System With Replaceable Batteries & The 507 System Flow Through Replaceable Battery Sensors all for the same low prices
$155.00 for 2 sensors up to $689.00 for 14 sensors. We can sell for up to 22 tires. 
Click on the Store Front and scroll to the TST systems for all pricing.
Additional sensors can be purchased as needed $95.00 for a 2 pack.
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Some of the newer trucks with all their electronics may require a repeater.  If needed, we do have them available for purchase $60.00 shipped.
This is a brief comparison of the 2 systems but should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me. 

The 510 System has a flat screen monitor and a flat bottom.  It has a curved or rounded end so it will sit just about anywhere.  The battery life in these sensors should last between 5 & 7 years.  When the time comes to replace the sensor, you send it in to TST with $20.00 and they send you a replacement sensor.
 The 507 System is shaped more like a cell phone say a Black Berry or I phone.  It comes with a window Dash mount and a base stand it site in so you can have your choice.  The batteries in the sensor are replaceable.  You can get them at Wal*Mart, Radio Shack, etc.  They run from $1.50 to $2.50 per battery.  You can also purchase the TST batteries at Amazon. They should last 9 to 12 months.
 Both systems are wireless and have a lithium battery. You will have 30 hours of continuous on time use between charges. When it gets down to one bar, just plug in to recharge. Both also come with a hard wiring kit if you so choose. They both come with a wrench that "locks" the sensors on for a theft deterrent.  
Dutch and I can both hear the alarm on our 510 system but I'm told the 507 has a bit louder alarm.  Both systems have easy to read screens and light up at night should you need it.  
You program the 510 by moving the buttons up or down to enter each sensor and parameter settings codes.  On the 507 you hold the sensor up to the monitor and it reads it for you.  You still have to manually program in your parameters. Both are easy to program.  
I carry both systems. My Customer base is split about 50/50 on which one they use.  I have tried both and as a personal preference, I just like the 510 monitor better. Dutch feels comfortable with us using the sensors where you don’t replace the batteries but again, it is just a personal preference. They operate the same.  More & more customers who have newer trucks with more electronics, including us, do need a repeater.  Contact me if you are not sure if you need one. 

510 Monitor External
Sensors. Batteries are sealed
   507 Monitor External Sensors.       User replaceable batteries
 507 Monitor with Flow Thru External Sensors. User replaceable batteries

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A 3 Year Warranty Is Always Included On TST TPMS Systems When You Purchase From Us.
We offer the lowest consistent pricing on the TST tire pressure monitoring systems. We do not have"sale" prices or offer discounts when business is slow.  We are available to you from 10 AM to 10 PM 7 days a week, 365 days a year which we feel is important to a customer who has a problem or a question. With the service we offer, we choose not to price match.  If more than price is important to you, we are the company for you. 
   510 sensor is 28mm in Diameter,                     507 Regular cap sensor is 27 mm Diameter,       ** 507 Flow Thru is 52mm length, 26mm   32 mm in height & weighs 28 grams.                23 mm height & weighs 15.4grams                      width, 23.5mm height & weighs 22 grams 
**To know how far the FT stems extend, measure 3/4" from the end of your valve stem. The FT sensor will end here.
If you have supple rubber valve stems, it is OK to use the 507 cap sensors. For the 507 FT & 510 sensors it is recommended you use metal valve stems if your rubber valve stems are over 3 years old or you carry more than 80 pounds of air in your tires.  The weight of the sensors will not cause air leaks  We are getting inquiries on the 507 TST Internal TPMS system which is the 4th system. I am learning quite a bit about the internal system. While this is not something, we will use ourselves, I can take your order via phone. I am not adding it to my website as there are too many variables & specific information needed to order the correct system for you. Please call me at 941-416-0918 10 am to 10 pm 7 days a week so I can gather the specific information I need to give you pricing on the internal sensor system. I can at that time, take your order by phone or e-mail invoice to you which you can pay via PayPal or your with your own credit card if you'd rather not give your credit card information over the phone. Diana 
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         510 is the Original System                                 507R is the 2nd system                                               507 FT is the 3rd system