Dodge Cummins Heavy Duty Oil Pan Plugs for your 5.9L or 6.7L Engine

We offer plugs to fit:
1994 to 2001 & 2002-18 [which also fits 1989-1993].  We have beefed up the flange, changed to a 9/16th hex head & added a magnet on the end.
Isn't your engine worth $24.00 of Insurance?? 

$24.00 for either plug. All plugs come with a fiber gasket & include shipping
 Over 11,000 Sold!!!!
Idler Pulley 1989 TO Early 2003
[it will not fit 2003-1/2 models]

The belt tensioner pulley bearing on your Dodge can go bad.  We offer the pulley replacement instead of the whole tensioner assembly--a savings of $200.00 retail. 
Our price, complete with installation instructions & shipping is only $12.00. Only 1 left in stock

Stabilizer Pricing is Plus Shipping
We also ship to Canada & Australia & Germany.  

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22 mm Fits Years
1994-2001 5.9L engines    
   18 MM Plug Fits Years 
 1989-1993 5.9L &  2002-2017 5.9 & 6.7L engines 
$15.00 1989-2003

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 Our heavy duty oil pan plug replaces the standard thin lipped plug in your Dodge 
from 1989 to 2017 5.9 & 6.7 L. engines. 
 We have beefed up the lip on our heavy duty oil pan plug making it virtually impossible to  shear the head off while changing your oil.  It also has a 9/16" hex head for easier installation and removal. Our oil pan plug has a magnet on the end which will attract metal filings. This may give an early warning of a potential problem. Removing the plug completely during an oil change will ensure that all of the old oil has been removed before adding new. Our plugs are made in America with materials purchased in America. Our oil pan plugs come with a replaceable gasket. If you should need to replace the gasket, just call for a new one.Our heavy duty oil pan plug pricing includes shipping to any US address 

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