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 *TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System 
 3 Models available. The original 510, the 507 with user replaceable batteries  & the 507 with Flow Thru Sensors. Click on the TST tab for more information
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  *Big Foot Automatic 5th wheel panel upgrade with Key FOB  
Already have Big Foot?  Retro fit your older Leveling System to the new one.  Digital Display.  Upgraded 1 sensor that makes the system far more accurate & easier to level.  
The system also has a new wireless key fob which allows you to operate your front jacks up or down to hook up or to disconnect from the truck. Great added feature is the auto reconnect. Back your truck in, use the key fob and it will come back up to your hitch height.  Compare our pricing to Quadra by clicking on our Big Foot Tab.
*4 & 6 Point Big Foot Leveling System By Quadra
A Quick and Easy to level your 5th wheel or Travel Trailer.  Works on all jacking systems. It comes with a digital display & remote Key Fob for ease of operation. 
A great added feature is the auto reconnect. Back in your truck use the key fob and it will come back up to your hitch height. Click on our Big Foot Tab for more information & to compare our pricing to Quadra. 
*RV Stabilizers for your 5th wheel/Travel Trailer
Stabilize your RV 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer by installing six [or 4 for front only systems] telescoping tubes which then becomes a permanent part of your current jacking system. 
Our RV stabilizer system will work on standard,hydraulic, arm or scissor jacks.
Installation usually takes no more than 4 hours. Our 6 tube system weighs only 22 pounds. It is lightweight yet strong.
Click on our RV stabilizer tab for more information. ​

We Offer A Full 4 Year Warranty. 

This system reports both temperature & PSI simultaneously Easy to read monitor.  The monitor has a lithium battery and holds a charge for 30 hours on continuous on time use. It comes with a special locking tool to install & remove the sensors for a nice theft deterrent.   Click on the TST tab for more information
   *Dodge Cummins Pickup Parts & Accessories  

Heavy Duty Oil Pan Plugs. 22mm fits years 1994 to 2001 5.9 L engines. 18 mm fits year 2002 - 2017 5.9 & 6.7 L engines. 1989 to 1993 18 mm fit 5.9L engine. Over 9,000 sold
We have discontinued selling our Solenoid Starter Repair Kits as we have no stock left. If you are looking for one, I would suggest going to 

Dodge Idler Pulleys up to 2003 .  

For Your RV: Stabilizer Systems-Big Foot Levelers- TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Dodge Cummins & Pickup Parts-TailGate EasyLifts-DEBO Slide Steps & Grab Bar
Convert your existing Bigfoot FOUR point 5th Wheel 
system into a SIX point system!
This system includes everything needed to convert your existing system into a six point.
This conversion only works if the rear cylinders on your trailer are QEI-16 cylinders. 2.875" diameter by 20 1/2" long
           Welding is required for installation.
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Sold our 1996 at 341,751 Miles
Bought our 2015 Ram 4/2/2015
Effective August 31, 2017 I will no longer be a vendor for the TST product. This was a hard decision for me to make. It is not product related. We will continue to use our own TST system as we travel.
If you wish to purchase a system from me by August 31st, I will take your order. After August 31st, I will continue to sell the TST parts I have in Stock {sensors, repeaters, O-rings, gaskets, batteries, etc until I run out. 
I will always be available to help my customers with questions or to trouble shoot via phone 941-416-0918 10 am to 10 pm pacific time right now or e-mail . I thank you all for your patronage and referring others to me.. Diana